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Extra virgin Olive oil 100% from Tuscany

Intense and shiny green

The difference starts in the farm

first of all the climate and the soil

Cultivar, exposure, altitude and soil morphology contribute to the creation of a product with features closely related to the place in which they live. The indissoluble and essential binomial oil-soil, was born from the territory and traditions respect. The proud demonstration of that, are our secular olive groves, resurrected after years and years of abandonment, and our beloved oil.
First of all, Biological agriculture! In this, our territory helps us, because the position is particularly unfavorable for parasites, as the terrible olearia fly.

The right moment of the harvest

the olives say when they are ready

There is a specific moment in which the olives give their best, before the maturation process “ruin” the noble component of the oil, as the polyphenols and other natural antioxidants. Not all the olives are ready in the same time. The cultivar and the differences between the different farms, make a great variability. Our experience, with the deep knowledge of our trees and the constant presence among our olive groves, represent the foundation to identify precisely the right moment. In this phase, man becomes the absolute protagonist.

Comb the crowns

the precious integrity of every olive

The harvest tries to ensure the lower impact on the trees and on the olives: any dents on the olives accelerate the maturation process, while the trees must face the colder season of all the year. The harvest by hand guarantee an accurate selection of the olives.

From the field to the oil mill

no later than 12/24 hours from the harvest

As soon as the olives are picked up from the tree, inside the same olives the maturation process start accelerate and the most noble component of their pulp start deteriorate. For this reason, is important that the moment of the harvest and the moment of the pressing are as close as possible.

Everything is perfect

extract without change

The pressing is one of the most delicate moment, and the temperature has to be controlled. The heat can change significantly the composition of the final product, because it accelerates all the oxidation and decay process. We make our oil taking the temperature plenty under the 27°C – that represent an impassable limit for the extravirgin olive oil.
What we obtain is just perfect: you just need the time to eat it.

The right place

how to preserve it

The extravirgin olive oil is kept in inox steel tanks, inside fresh and dry place, far from heat and protect from direct light and air. In this way the quality of our product is the same for over 36 months.